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From Here To Singularity

"The time from here to Singularity depends sensitively on the particulars of what we humans do during the next decade (and even the next few years)."

Archive for May, 2008

Technology Is at the Center: interveiw with Peter Theil

May’s issue of Reason magazine has an interesting interveiw with Peter Theil, one of the major supporters of Transhumanist research. Not too much new information, but an interesting read nonetheless.

Reason Magazine – Technology Is at the Center

It could happen with computers. It could happen with enhanced human intelligence, where you have things that modify humans. There are aspects of the biotech revolution that could represent this. There are nanotechnological versions that could be very, very strange. There are all sorts of very bizarrely different versions of this, and it’s very hard to know which of these trends is a dominant one. Maybe they have natural limits to them. Maybe Moore’s Law [the observation in 1965 by Intel co-founder Gordon Moore that the number of transistors incorporated into integrated circuits doubles roughly every two years] breaks down. If Moore’s Law were to stop tomorrow, then I think the hopes for A.I. and computer science may be deferred by centuries. Then the biotech revolution seems to have a lot of promise, but again maybe there are some strange constraints that it runs into.