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From Here To Singularity

"The time from here to Singularity depends sensitively on the particulars of what we humans do during the next decade (and even the next few years)."

Bil conference – not quite the opposite of Ted

Bil conference.

I’m at the Bil un-conference this weekend. It’s a self-organizing conference, where everyone shows up, anyone can give a talk, and things generally happen in an ad-hoc fashion. It might sound like chaos, but the opposite is true – it’s really cutting to the meat of what a conference is all about: the exchange of ideas, and the meeting of people.

What has this got to do with our road to the singularity? Well, I am meeting and hearing from the people who will be making the singularity happen. People developing Rapid DNA sequencing, a guy who is developing a networkeded model of economics, a guy who is at a start up trying to develop a ubiquitous online trust system. My friend Sheffie talking about efficient shmoozing and networking skills. Earlier, there was a talk on the origins of stem cells and cell differentiation. Later, Brad Templeton is going to talk about Robot Cars and the future of communication.

More later…

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